Web Design by C. Michael Hager


Web Design is All about image


Web Design, corporate Image Design, logos, letterhead, business cards, print and media collateral are all separate and unique things in themselves but in a successful businesses they are bound together by some common thread. Something that at a glance tells you “Oh, those guys!”


Web Design is more than a great logo. Web Design by itself won't sell your services.  Web Design won’t market your products.  Web Design won’t bring you customers, but great Web Design in concert with a strong logo, unified corporate image, print collateral, cards and letterheads all together are an important commonality that can say “These guys really have it together!” That image combined with a dynamite product, great customer service and a penetrating sales and marketing plan is what successful companies are all about.


Your expertise is in building, manufacturing, servicing, inventing, engineering, producing or selling.  Our expertise is in discovering from you what your passion is about your business, distilling it into an image that embodies that passion and producing all of the products that will tell the world, “Oh, yeah.  Those guys!”


Our services include:

Web Design

Logo design
Corporate image design
Corporate image refurbishment
Letterhead, business cards, envelopes, fax forms in print and electronic format
Print and media design for catalogs, tear sheets and sales flyers.
Marketing plans
Corporate Signage
Trade Show design and coordination


In short, everything you need to make your total company image clear professional and highly marketable.