A 25 x 40 foot display featured two private meeting rooms with flat plasma video screen displays running promotional videos and computer run presentations. A counter seating area and large round booth seating area provided additional casual meeting space for an interactive sales group.

This 20 x 40 foot display carried a 1950's soda shop theme to tie into the 50th anniversary of the company founded in 1949. The show marketing strategy included gold 50th anniversary pins, free root beer floats at the soda counter, leather jackets and tee shirts for the show staff, rock and roll music from a Wurlitzer juke box with a dance floor and a welcoming billboard strategically located near the convention center. The booth was visited daily by Elvis, Marilyn and Lucy impersonators.

A 20 x 40 foot 2 story display featured product demonstrations, ADA rules demonstrations, building code discussions and was themed with staff in white lab coats and stethoscopes around a "Restaurant Check-Up"

A 20 x 40 foot island space was transformed into an archeological dig and themed with safari outfits, artifacts, and a printed "dig report" distributed to visitors. The show was for McDonald's restaurant franchisees and the theme was based on Ronald McDonald and an ancient civilization who worshiped fast food.

A 20 x 50 foot back wall exhibit, this display was modeled around conference areas and consulting directly with clients on space planning, design and direct sales activities.